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Episode 3: Something Selfless This Way Comes

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Description: This week we are putting real positivity out into the world. And by completing this week's selfless challenge, we'll feel less stress and improve our mental health. Sounds great right?


1. Altruism Journal

Episode 3_Altruism Journal
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2. Science Says Being Kind Pays Off

Kind Pays Off Says Science
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The Self-Care for Educators team cares about the content-accessibility for all educators. If you have trouble accessing the audio for the podcast, the transcription has been provided below.

Transcription: Hi and welcome to episode three of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren, and in this episode, what we're going to do is explore the theme of altruism, and I'm going to offer up some strategies and ways for you to play with this really powerful self-care hack.

So here's the deal. We all remember those times when someone was kind to us in moments that mattered, right? I have a distinct memory of being on a work trip, and it was one of those trips where everything was going horribly wrong. Flights were canceled. I just ... it was just ... everything was going wrong. And, as I waited in line to talk to the gate agent about figuring out what I was going to do about my flight ... I have tears in my eyes. I am just miserable. And I walk up to the gate agent. I make eye contact. I look ... I just ... I'm so sad and frustrated and overwhelmed. And through four teeny tiny words, this gate agent offered me the most kindness that I had received that entire day. She very simply said to me, "I'm here to help."

Oh, you guys, I melted. Right? That notion of being kind is such an incredible gift. What the research says when someone is kind to us or when we are kind to someone else, just that act of kindness decreases stress and enhances our mental health. Makes sense if we think about it. Right? So, I have tried so purposely to incorporate, altruism into my life. You know, last week we talked about gratitude and I've been very purposeful about incorporating gratitude into my life. And I hope now that you are too, and altruism kind of goes hand in hand with that. I really try every single day to tap into both of these areas. And what's so powerful about these ...

If you recall, once again, these are ... we're we're touching the top levels of Maslow's hierarchy here, where we start getting into that self-actualization and even more so into transcendence or that connection to something outside of ourselves. That's why these two strategies are so powerful. And, I wanted to introduce them early on, because I want you to really find your groove with these, because these, that notion of gratitude and altruism, you can hold onto these, even when other things start falling apart.

Like these two pieces ... they can help. So I really, as I said, I really try to incorporate this into my daily life. You know, back when I was traveling (I'm about to ... I'll be traveling again!) one of the things that I always commit to is: I have to engage in five acts of kindness before I get on any airplane. Now, since I haven't been traveling as much lately, I tried to do that anytime that I am out now ... which basically when I'm out, that means that I'm pretty much at a grocery store or a drug store, but those places are ripe for opportunities for kindness, especially when everything is so hard in the world right now. And, I'm talking teeny tiny little things. I think I've said this before, purposely making sure that you can tell that I'm smiling under my mask. I'm just thanking, thanking, thanking, you know, the people working at the stores, returning my cart at the grocery store ... Those teeny tiny things that are just kindness paid forward are pretty incredible.

You know, when I'm at the airport, back in the normal world, this is going to sound so bizarre, but holding doors for people, helping people with their bags ... I'm always on the lookout that maybe they appear to be a little overwhelmed in an airport. I'm always trying to help. And by doing that, it truly just changes the entire experience. It's so powerful. We know this, I know, you know this, when we engage in that kindness, just what it does is it clearly make someone else's day, but in reality, it's actually boosting our own happiness even more. So, for this week what I want you to do is ... I want to let's keep it super simple.

The notion is I want you to purposely make a commitment and a promise that you are going to engage in one altruistic act each day. Now you can do the same thing every single day, or you can do something different. You get to decide, and heck if you can do more than one—fantastic. But, I think there's no reason that we can't do at least one—one altruistic act every single day. So start, maybe brainstorm a list of things that you can do. Small things, like I said, just thanking people when you are out and about, you know, waving at neighbors, offering to help a neighbor with something, or offering to help a spouse or a partner or a child to do something, sharing positivity, giving while you can, or if you can rewarding someone, paying it forward ... If you're at the drive through line at Starbucks, buy the coffee for the person next to you. You know, leave change in the vending machine for the next person. Leave a generous tip. If you're out to eat, share treats (All done safely, considering this unique time that we are currently in!), but you get the idea here.

So that's it. Every single day this week, you are going to engage in one altruistic act, and see if it makes a difference. I can't wait. Think of ... think of the positivity we're going to put out in this world this week. I love it. Okay. So, a couple things as we come to a close here . This is a new addition as I'm learning about the world of podcasting. What would be super, super helpful is if you could like this podcast and subscribe to it. And, if you're so ... Oh, here's an act of kindness! Write a review, especially if you like it. That would be super helpful. It just kind of helps the word get out about the podcast and help our fellow educators find and become part of this squad with us. Thank you.

As always a special thank you to Brooke for making this happen. A thank you to Marzano Resources and Solution Tree for the job that I get to do every single day and as always a huge shout out to you—my self care squad—for being bad ass.

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