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Episode 20: Just Because You're Worth It

Description: This week, Dr. Boogren shares an initiative that could bring some recurring moments of joy. And what's better than that?


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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode 20 of our second season of Self-Care for educators. I am your host, Tina Boogren. Quick caveat. If there's some odd noises, it's because I'm recording this from a hotel room. I am back on the road. I'm on the road all of this week. So, I have a little bit less control and less kind of supplies when I'm in a hotel room than I do at home. So, I don't know. Maybe you can play like, Guess the Noise. I think the noise you're hearing right now is someone is taking a shower. In the room above me anyway ...

For this week, the invitation is to consider treating yourself to a monthly subscription box. There's a gazillion of them out there. And, this came about because we're, as I'm recording this, it's the end of January. In fact, this will come out right at the very end of January and welcoming the new month. And, I always look forward to ... I have two subscription services, and at the end of the month, I put a little sticky note on my calendar reminding me to not miss them, because both of them, I have to do something. I have to make a choice. And if not, I don't know. I probably get charged or something. It's like the old Columbia records. Some of you will remember that. So, I just put a little sticky note in my calendar that reminds me to do, to go in and check on my two subscriptions. So, the two that I do, which would not be for everyone, but I do book of the month club.

I've done it for years. Many of you know that I am an avid reader. And so, this one just makes me giddy. How book of the month works is you, you have an app or they send you an email and there's, I don't know ... I think there's like five choices of books and you get to go in and read about them, why they were chosen, and see what genre appeals to you. And, you can select your book. And, if you don't, if none of the books appeal to you, you can just skip it, which is great. I skipped quite a few months actually, and it's a hard bound book, and I just, oh, it makes me so happy. Plus it gives me kind of a leg up. A lot of times it's a brand new read. Sometimes the biggest joy I get is when I open it up, and it's a book that I've wanted anyway. So, it feels like an extra bonus that I get to just order the book. So, that's my first subscription.

The second one that I do is Fabletics. So many of you know that one. That's a Kate Hudson's brand. It's workout clothes. And so, gosh, I've been doing this for years. Same kind of deal on this one. They send me a little notice. I get to go in and spend my credit or I can skip it. So, those are the two that I've had forever, but there are so many more out there. And, the reason this is an invitation is because it just dawned on me how much joy this brings me. It's a, like a little treat to myself every single month. It's such a, just a happiness booster, and there's multiple boosts involved. So, there's the boost in the choosing. And, then there's the boost. When I get the email that says that it's on its way, I get super excited. And, then the boost when it arrives at my house. Yay! So, it just feels like such a little gift.

I was thinking, gosh, what a simple way to just bring dedicated joy every month into my life. And, I thought, Everyone should be doing this. Now, ... if many of you probably are already doing this and by the way, if you are, I would love, love, love to know, jump over into our Facebook group. So, just that quick search Self-Care for Educators in our Facebook group will come up, and let us know if you have your own kind of monthly subscription and what it is. And, if it's something that you would recommend. I did a quick, tiny, little search on Google and came up with a gazillion. I was like, best subscription boxes to see what was out there.

And, this is dangerous because now I'm like, Oh, look, there's a runner box. Oh, look, there's tea. Oh, look, there's snacks. Oh, look, there's women as like planners and stationary. I mean, I think anything that you want is out there. So for me, I have to be careful to not go overboard here. Right? So I am going to publicly say that I'm going to I have two subscription services. It seems to work for me. So, if I would like to add a new one, I'm going to have to let one of the others go. I feel like two is a solid amount for me. As I'm saying that I'm like, Ooh, maybe three, but no, I feel like let's just stick with two. Let's just stick with two. I think this would also be a great gift for someone, you know, that, you know really well and know this would just be, again, this like joy, not just giving them the gift, but for months afterwards,

I know for our wedding, we got a lot of wine club memberships, and that's joyful, as well. So, there's wine club. I think I gave my best friend like a monthly new set, a fun pair of socks. She loves crazy and wild socks. And so, she got to go in and kind of choose her socks, or maybe they just arrived. They were just fun. It was just a out of the box thinking thing to do as a gift. So, there you go. That's what I want you to think about. Can you treat yourself, can you treat someone else? But, first start with yourself. Can you just do it? Just search best subscription boxes, or think about your hobbies and interests and see if there is a box that matches up that maybe you can give it a shot, try it for six months. See if it does indeed bring you joy. Oh, we could all use just a little bit of joy right now. And, what a simple way to accomplish that.

As always a huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this job I get to do, even when I'm sitting in a hotel room, even, especially so. Because, when I'm in a hotel room, it means I get to be in person with folks which is pure joy. And to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. May you treat yourself to some sort of monthly gift, because you are absolutely worth it. I am so grateful for you.

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