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Episode 21: Beating the February Blues

Description: As we settle into the coldest part of the year, many of us are feeling a bit ho-hum. This week, Dr. Boogren encourages the squad with an invitation that can really lighten the mood.


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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode 21 of our second season of Self-Care for Educators. I am your host, Tina Boogren. Again this week, I am recording this in a hotel room, so apologies. Please, please accept my apology if it just sounds, uh, for lack of a better word, wonky. We make do with what we have, and we are flexible. So, thank you. This week's invitation is I want you to consider planning a weekend to get away. As we move into February, depending on where you live, or maybe just for all of us ... I think February is a hard month. I hate to say this, because then it like sets the intention for it. But for me, February is like my worst month. It's my least favorite. It's always just bitterly cold. Anytime I'm traveling. It's just gray. It's just a hard month. It feels like the Christmas lights have been put away at this point. We are ... It feels so far away from spring or summer. I don't know. It's just a slog. February is hard. It just feels like another kind of dip into that disillusionment. And then, listen, if that is not the case for you, fantastic. Sink into that. Please sink into that. I know it's something with my family a lot ... My mom and I both just struggle with February. So, it's been on my mind as we turn the calendar page and move into February. And, I thought, how can I make this better?

So, here's what I did. And, I'm just going to offer it up to you. I looked at my calendar, and I found the opportunity for a teeny, tiny, little getaway with my husband. And, it's bringing me so much joy to have that to look forward to. I'm actually gone on Valentine's Day. I'm actually traveling and will be gone. I have a workshop on the 14th, and so I kind of miss Valentine's Day. So, it'll be the following weekend and, you know, we don't even need to call it Valentine's Day. Felt kind of fun, put a little whimsy into it ... So, I just booked us. It's a staycation. We're just heading up to Boulder. So, for us, it's not very far away. One of my favorite hotels ... We made a dinner reservation, and we decided that if the weather is great, we will get out. We will hike. We'll shop at Pearl Street Mall. We'll do all the Bolder things. And, if the weather is terrible, that is just a sign to tuck in. It's why we get a hotel that we actually love and look forward to. And, it feels so happy to have that on the calendar to look forward to, especially since it kind of comes right in the middle of the month for us. So, it just breaks up that just depression of the month, and it feels nice.

It's ... For me, it's also the other bonus, big bonus-fit. Hmm. I think I just made a new word of bonus and benefit. It's a bonus-fit. I'm gone quite a bit in February. I have some big events, which I'm so excited about. Hopefully I'll get to meet and see, hug and squeeze many of you, either at the PLC Summit or the HRS Conference in San Antonio. So, the PLC is in Phoenix. HRS is in San Antonio. And, I've got just some workshops sprinkled in with a lot of travels. So, having that reconnection time with my husband is always important. And, the icing on the cake is to do that just away from home where it just feels like a little, mini vacation that doesn't require a whole lot of planning. I don't have to get on another airplane. Right? We get to just kind of escape. It's just for a couple of nights, and that's it. But, it feels really good to have something on the calendar to look forward to. And, it was my way to take back February as I just kind of dread the month of February. It felt really good to be like, No, I'm not going to dread the month of February. In fact, look at all this stuff I get to look forward to and even more ... this really important reconnection with my husband.

That's what I want you to think about in particular. Well, for all of us ... But, if February is also a hard month for you, is there something that you could get on the calendar to do? Maybe it is a little weekend getaway, a little staycation. Maybe you can't take a full weekend, so maybe it's just getting on the calendar some event that you're going to do or attend. So, maybe it's a museum. Maybe it's a movie that you've wanted to see, and you put it on your calendar. We've talked before about adventure and like getting it on the calendar. And, I think February is a great month to do that. Maybe it's meeting a girlfriend for a little weekend away or something that just feels really good about that. So, that's your invitation to think about, to play with? I guess it's it's first. I was thinking it's all about the weekend away. And then, I was like, maybe it's just beating the February Blues. Maybe it's beating the February Blues.

So again, as always jump on over to that Facebook group and tell us exactly how you're doing that. We would love to be inspired by you.

As always, a huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. You guys, the work she does behind the scenes ,,, Oh, we're so grateful for her. In fact, what would really help us both out if you would spread the word on this podcast. If you would rate and review us, especially if this is something that brings you joy. We would just love to make sure that everyone that needs to find us finds that squad, that safe place, and we love welcoming new listeners. So thank you. Thank you also to Marzano Resources and Solution Tree, that allows me to do this work that I love so so much. And, finally as always thank you to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. Oh, I am so incredibly grateful for you. I just picture your faces as I sit here. Recording means that I'm just talking to you, and I hope here's my, my greatest hope is that this feels like, yeah, that's the exact nudge. I need to do something that brings me joy. So, consider this your nudge. You bring me so much joy. I'm so grateful for you. Have an amazing week.

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