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Episode 41: Find Your Guiding Quote.

Description: This week, Dr. Boogren challenges the Self-Care Squad to get inspired and uplifted.

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The Self-Care for Educators team cares about the content-accessibility for all educators. If you have trouble accessing the audio for the podcast, the transcription has been provided below.

Transcription: Hi, welcome to Self-Care for Educators. I am your host, Tina Boogren, and this is episode 41. My invitation for you of this week is to find a guiding quote. I'm going to loop us all the way back to episode one of this podcast, man that feels like a hundred years ago, where I invited you to think about the power of music. And, one of my suggestions was to choose a theme song each week. I still love that idea. In fact, revisit that idea if it's been a little while, or if you kind of lost that strategy. This is along the same lines of just choosing a quote that's going to kind of guide you through your week.

There's a real power in quotes. So many of us are drawn to quotes. There's a reason that Pinterest is built on the backs of all these beautiful, amazing quotes. And, we know students love quotes. I love when we have quotes in schools. There's a real power ... What we're doing with quotes is we're tapping into that inspiration, that sense of awe and we're ... which is actually the top of Maslow's hierarchy, that transcendence level. Again, it's something that's so simple to do. Doesn't take a lot of time. It's free. We have lots of places we can go. Look, maybe you dig into Pinterest and do some searching. Maybe you go to my Facebook group, which is I every single day, 365 days post a positive quote in the morning, so there are literally hundreds that you can scroll through. Or, if you put in Brainy Quotes, Quote Garden ... There's a lot of different searches that you can do easy to find, and just look through. Read a few of them. Hit images if you want to see quotes that are attached to these kind of beautiful images, which is what I'm really drawn to. That's why I love on Pinterest. Looking at quotes... And, I always feel like we'll just know when we find that perfect quote for whatever stage we're in that particular day, that particular week, this particular year.

And then, I want you to jot that quote down. Put it on a sticky note. Put it on multiple sticky notes. Put those sticky notes on your bathroom mirror in your car, on your planner, on your computer. Take a picture of it so that you've got it on your screensaver on your phone. Just these reminders to help get you through the week. As we think about setting that intention, as we talked about last week, as we think about that Primacy/Recency Effect, reminding ourselves that there's a really important notion that the end of the year is going to be the clearest in our memory, as we look back on this crazy, crazy 2020-2021 school year ... And, maybe we find a quote that kind of captures how we want students and ourselves to feel as we move towards the end of the school year. I can't wait to read the quotes that you find.

Oh, I would love if you would share those over in the Facebook group. Oh, it's always so fun to read what what's resonating with other people and to get ideas from each other. We can have a whole bank of quotes that we can choose from. So that's it. I want you to choose a guiding quote to help carry you through this week. Enjoy.

As always a huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this pinch me job that I get to do. And, above all, as always, thank you to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. I am so grateful for you.

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