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Episode 7: Read.

Description: This week, Dr. Boogren gives the Squad a really simple challenge that can have the biggest rewards.


1. Explore Dr. Boogren's most recent read, Taste by Stanley Tucci here.

2. Explore Tucci's show, Searching for Italy, here.

3. Share what you're reading on the Self-Care for Educators Facebook page here.

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode seven of our second season of Self-Care for Educators. I am your host, Tina Boogren. I'm so grateful you're here. Thank you. Thank you for coming back each week. Thank you for spreading the word. Just thank you so, so grateful for you. This week's invitation is simple. I want you to find some time to read.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. And, sometimes the hardest part is finding time for it. And so, that's the invitation for you. This. Take it or leave it as always, but perhaps this is the nudge for my fellow bookworms that feel like they've gotten really far away from their habit of reading, because life is busy, and we're about to move into pretty much the busiest few months of the year as these holidays start rolling in and things get crazy.

Finding time to read can just feel, sometimes, a luxury that we just don't allow ourselves to indulge in. And so, this is, this is my nudge to you to give yourself permission to read. Read for pleasure. I know many of us, oftentimes when we, when we do have a couple of minutes to read, we feel like we should read this educational book or this nonfiction book that's going to help us in our teaching, which is great. Don't get me wrong. I spend so much time reading ... I love professional books, but what I'm talking about here is like sinking into a book that you love, whether that's fiction or a memoir or juicy mystery or a beach read, whatever it is, to just allow yourself time to do that.

Maybe this is a habit that you want to put in place to kind of quelch--Is quelch a word?--to kind of squash something. The amount of time spent scrolling. For many, many years, I complained because I didn't have enough time to read. And then, when I started digging into my head, I realized, oh boy, I do. If I could put my phone away, I would get so much more time reading.

And so, that's really, I've made a real conscious effort to do that. My goal for 2021 is to read 40 books, and I am. I've just crossed the threshold. I've read 34. So, I'm confident I'll meet my goal. I just, oh, I love to read so much, and I want others to experience that joy and pleasure, as well. So, maybe you grab a couple of friends and you decide to read a book together. So, you can have a little, a little book club discussion about it. Maybe it's your own guilty pleasure. And, you just decide that you are going to take 10 minutes every single day. And, you're going to read, maybe you're going to read during your lunch hour. Maybe you're going to turn off the TV and read before you go to.

Maybe you're going to make sure that you always have something to read with you so you can capture those gifts of time that we have, whether we're standing in line at the grocery store, we're waiting for a doctor's appointment. You're sitting in the pickup line to pick up your child. You've got those moments that maybe, instead of picking up our phone, we pick up a book, and we get lost in a whole different world.

That is my hope for you this week. I just finished reading Stanley Tucci, his new book Taste, and I loved it so much. My husband and I got really into ... We loved his show on CNN called Searching For Italy. And so, I was so excited when I knew he was having this book come out and oh, I devoured it in just a matter of days. Devoured, see what I did there? Pun fully intended. And, I just loved it. It brought me such joy and pleasure. It's one of those books that I was so sad when it was done, but now I get to pick up the next one on my very, very tall pile of books to be read. And, it just brings me such joy and such pleasure.

So, I'm going to keep it short and simple. I want to remind you that you have permission to read that you shouldn't feel guilty about it. That it's okay. That making time for it is important. And, I'd love if you would jump over to the Facebook group and share, what are you're reading. What are you excited to read? What ... What's your all-time favorite book? I mean, you guys, I can talk about books forever, so I'd love to get kind of a book discussion going over there and just know that if you're a fellow bookworm, I think ... I think this is like one of the best nerdiest things that we can be is a bookworm.

So I'm sending lots of love to all of you. I want you to have an amazing week. All the things. Report back and know as always how grateful I am for this bad-ass Self-Care Squad. I'm also so grateful. All of us are so grateful for Brooke for making this happen. And for Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for being such great support on this professional wellness journey that we are on. Have an amazing week.

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