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Episode 17: Our Daily Rest

Description: This week, the Squad takes inspiration from Gretchen Rubin's challenge for 2022. It's time for some R&R.


1. Listen to Gretchen Rubin's challenge for 22 in 2022 on her podcast, Happier, here:

2. Explore the Kids In Need Foundation's work now at

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode 17 of season two of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation is an extension, if you will, of last week's invitation of getting ourselves really set up for an amazing 2022, the idea that I want you to play around with for this week, see if it feels good to you ... And, if it doesn't remember let it go. These are simply invitations. Some will work, some will sound really good to us, and some just won't, and that's okay. So, this one ... Here's what I want us to think about is the idea of committing to doing something for 22 minutes a day every day in 2022.

Full credit to Gretchen Rubin for this idea. Some of you probably recognized it immediately. Gretchen Rubin is, as many of you know, an author and a podcaster. My favorite books by her, The Happiness Project and Better Than Before ... And, I listen to her weekly podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and I have followed her, and this idea ... So, this idea fully comes from her. So, her challenge is she's asked her listeners to join her to rest 22 in 2022--to rest for 22 minutes a day every day during this year. And, rest is such a great one, I think, because my goodness, we're so tired and exhausted and on that verge of burnout. So, the idea of committing to rest, it feels so juicy to me. And, I wanted to share that with you guys, as well.

And, rest can take on a lot of different forms or versions. Rest can be just simply drinking your coffee in the morning on your own. Maybe rest is taking a walk during your lunch break. Maybe rest is allowing yourself to take that nap on Saturday without any guilt. Maybe rest is just sitting in silence for a minute during your plan period, or before you get out of your car, lots of ways to think about rest. So, I want to throw that out to you and see if you like that.

I'm also going to give you a couple of other ideas. If that kind of didn't stick, let's see what she did. What Gretchen Rubin had her listeners do in 2021 was read 21 in 2021. So, reading for 21 minutes a day, which I love that. So, maybe you want to grab onto reading. And then, in 2020, I really loved this one too, was walk 20 minutes a day. So, maybe you want to walk 22 minutes a day, or maybe you want to come up with your own. There's something really appealing about committing to doing something every single day.

You're clearly ... You're creating a new habit, and I know that 22 can kind of feel like a lot of minutes at once. Maybe you divide it up. And so, you get a couple of minutes in the morning, a couple in the afternoon, couple in the evening. Or if, gosh, I'm always, I ... I love a good rule breaker. So, if 22 feels like too much, maybe you do two, or maybe ... If you think of 2022, 2, 0, 2, 2, and you do the math, you get six. So, maybe you do something for six minutes a day, and that feels easier than committing to 22 minutes.

When I first heard the rest for 22, I thought, and this is really interesting. I thought, Oh my gosh, I don't think I have 22 minutes to rest. But, I did think I have 22 minutes to walk, and I did think I have 22 minutes to read. So, that's something I need to sort out in my head that it feels like, Oh, I couldn't possibly rest during the day for 22 minutes. Who has time to do that? So, that's probably my nudge that I should do that, that there's something that I should think about a little more.

There again, a great thing ... You can totally do this on your own. You can do this with a loving accountability partner. Maybe you present this idea to students. Maybe you do this with your family. Maybe you commit to doing something different each month. You know, we'll think about combining this with a 30-day challenge, lots of ways to just kind of take this idea and play with it. As always, I'd love to know what you're doing to play with this. Oh man, jump on over into that Facebook group, Self-Care for Educators, and let us know if you plan on doing this, and if you're going to do rest. I'd love to know like what you consider rest is and what rest isn't. And, if that feels hard for you, or if it feels like something you can do easily, or if you've got ideas on this, we learn so much, so much when we share ideas with each other. So, I'd love to know how you're kind of processing this and thinking about.

As always a huge, huge shout out to Brooke for making this happen. The work she does behind the scenes, you guys ... We're so grateful for her. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this job I get to do again another year. Can't believe it. I'm going on to, oh my gosh, close to 12 years. Which is crazy ... Which I'm so grateful for. And, above all, thank you to you--my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting each other. Thank you for the work that you do every single day. I'm just so grateful for every single one of you.

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