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Episode 2: 22.4.2022

Description: Let's deep dive back into creating lives we don't need to escape from. This week, Dr. Boogren challenges the Self-Care Squad to create their 22 for 2022.


1. The 22.4.2022 journal will help you put this week's episode into practice.

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2. Explore the 1 Second Everyday app here. Then, download, enjoy, and share with us know how you're using this tool!

3. Review episode 7, when we originally discussed goal setting, here.

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to season two, episode two of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. Welcome back. Thank you for coming back. Oh man. I am just absolutely in awe of how you've been showing up and living your best lives. Oh, let's just keep that thing going. I I'm seriously thinking about ... I might need to get that tattoo on my wrist, because every single morning, I wake up and I read it on my wrist again. I don't know, but there's also something about the writing on my wrist that reminds me ... But anyone, if anyone gets that tattoo, you let me know. Very curious.

For this week, we're going to revisit a theme that I always revisit at the start of the new school year. Whenever I do workshops around this time of year, I always start off with happy new year. Like literally like New Year's Eve, but new year as the new school year. We know as educators, there is an excitement that comes with the new year. And, I think that there's like this incredible opportunity kind of like the new calendar year for a fresh start. And, one of the things that a lot of us like to do is to create. And so this week's invitation is to create your 22 for 2022 list. But, last year we did a 21 for 2021. The school year, ... before 20 for 2020, you get the idea ... Our 20 for 2020 lists, ooh, were a little rough. We didn't know what was coming. Last year might look very different than this year. And so, the idea behind the 22 for 2022 is what, really, whatever you want to make of it.

You can think of it as a list of 22 things that you want to accomplish during the school year. It can be 22 hopes for the year. It can be 22 promises. You can think of promises to yourself, to your family, to your students. It can be big things. They can be small things. They can be ... You can think of it however you want, and you guys adjust it for yourself. So, if 22 feels daunting, maybe you do two or 12 for 22, like it doesn't matter. Just choose a number. Find something that feels good. And, I want you to just start making a list, and here's what I would encourage you.

Again, there's no right or wrong way to do this. Just having done this for a few years, I've learned a couple of things. So, what I know is have some things on your list that are going to be really easy to do that you can cross off, and you can get momentum. And then, maybe some big, doozy, like audacious things on there that are really great to look forward to, and make sure, you guys, that you have things that feel good on the list. Don't make a list of 22 things that you dread. That's going to be miserable. I want you to ... Think of it as it ... Make this like a positive experience.

You can do this on your own. You can do this. I have seen families do this together. You can do this. Of course, you guys have your students do this. Have them create a list of 22 things that they're hoping for or wishing for, or want to accomplish this year. You could have families write lists for their children. What are 22 hopes that you have for your child this year? Ooh, I just, Ooh, that just gives me goosebumps even thinking about this. So, there's so many ways to think through this. So, I'm thinking again, big things, small things. So, maybe you're going to commit to, let me just throw some ideas out there to help you get your list started.

So, maybe something that goes on your list is that you're going to take 15 minutes a day just for you. Maybe it goes on your list that you want to try a new restaurant. Maybe it goes on your list that you're going to say yes. Maybe it goes on your list that you're going to say no more. Maybe you are going to make a commitment to actually eat lunch every day. Maybe you're going to make a commitment, no work on Saturdays. Maybe you're going to make a commitment to read a certain number of books this year. Maybe you're going to come make a commitment to write a gratitude list every day, or take a gratitude photo, or... I love the idea of taking like an ordinary life photos. So, just take a photo of something that occurs during your life. And, you can drop that right into the One Second Everyday app. I mentioned this during season one. It's a free app that you can just drop your photos into. It's an incredible way to look back and kind of reflect on the year. So, that's just, just small ideas to get you started.

You could go in a million different directions here. So, what I encourage you to do is just start your list. Now we know different people attack this differently. I say, start your list. Some of you will not be able to get up from your chair until you've got your list done. And, that's great. I see you. Some of you will just write a couple of things, and then you're gonna walk away, and you're going to kind of ponder, and you're going to come back. That's great. I see you, too. Some of you are going to hate this idea, and that's fine too. You guys, these are all just invitations. Some work for us, and some don't work for us. So, just play around with it.

Maybe it's something that you want to present to your colleagues that you do something together, or as a staff, or as a class, or as a family, or maybe it's just something totally private. That's just yours ... The other thing that I like to do at the start of the new year, along with my list is to do a guiding word or phrase or question or quote. Something I've been doing in workshops lately, in my full-day workshops is, we talk about the power of quotes, and I give folks just a few minutes to go digging for their guiding quote for the year. And, we know when we find that quote, it's like the quote that stops you in your tracks and gives you full buddy goosebumps. And, you think, that's the one. And, I have folks write that on a sticky note. Put it in their planner Put it where they will see it. So, maybe you want to go digging for that perfect quote to guide you this year.

Or maybe it's just a word. We've talked a lot about words that are so powerful. Words that I've had in the past. Wellness is my word for this calendar year. I've had transformed. I've had breathe. I've had move, all sorts of different words that, that we can play with.

Or, maybe it's a guiding question.

Maybe, maybe it's a phrase. Live your best life, might be the phrase that you want to take into into this year. As we talked about last week during episode one, my favorite is when people share their lists. I would love if you would jump on over to the Facebook group and share your list. I think it's so inspiring to just read each other's. I just, we get so many great ideas, and they're just such a window into each other, which I just love. Oh, so I can't wait to go read your lists and to just plant the seed of thinking about and sharing, like how you're going to use the list.

Is it just straight for you? Are you going to use this with students? Oh my goodness. If your students create lists, we would love to see those. So, hmm. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

As always, a huge, huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this job I get to do.

I'm going to nudge you to please, please ... If you like the podcast, if you find it helpful, if you could rate it ... You could write a review. My gratitude would be huge. And, if you could share ... You know, I love the idea of just word of mouth sharing when we find things that work for us. And, if you've got someone that you feel like, Man, this is a podcast that would work for them, please just, just let them know. We have open arms and invite everyone into this bad-ass Self-Care Squad. So, you guys, have an amazing week. I'm cheering for you.

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