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Episode 22: Read More in '24

Description: This week, Dr. Boogren shares a little challenge for herself that has been uber rewarding! Why don't you try it out for yourself? 

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. This is episode 22 of season four, and this week's invitation is to read more in '24 . That is something that I've been working on myself, and as you know, really this podcast is just please join me on this journey, right? It's always more fun to do things with other people, and one of my intentions for 2024 was less screen time and more reading time. I love to read. I always have. And, I read, I read a lot. But, I wanted to even read more. Lately, I've read some really good books that I was like, Oh gosh, I just ... Okay, this is so cheesy, but I'm going to say it, because this is my safe place with you guys. I just, it never ceases to amaze me who of all of the joy and benefits that I get from reading.

Like, this imaginary world that I pay, I don't know, maximum what a hard copied book is like $25, but I get hours and hours and hours and hours of joy and pleasure and new friends and to visit new places and it just, I don't know, the magic of books just never ceases to amaze me. I was an English major. I was an English teacher. The reading and writing is my thing.

I have a ... I have a tattoo of a pencil on my forearm. I love to read. I love to write. And, since I love it so much, it's important to me to make time for it. And so, I love the slogan of Read More in '24. And, how I've put this into place as I'm recording this, this will come out in February, is just consciously always having a book with me. I, I typically have multiple. versions of the same book. So, I like to read paperbacks, especially when I'm at home. But, when I'm traveling, I oftentimes don't have room. So, I read on my Kindle. My Kindle is also nice for nighttime. And, if it's a brand new book, I will also have the, I'll have the hard copy, hardback copy instead of the, the paperback. And then, when the paperback comes out, I buy it if I love it. Anyway, I know that's a lot of, a lot of books, but books are my thing and I've kind of given up the guilt on that. I've always figured there's worse things that I can spend my money on and so I don't feel guilty about spending money on books. That's my thing.

So, read more in '24, I always have a book with me and one of the biggest changes that I have made is that, that time between dinner and going to bed, I, I, I got into a habit, and there's nothing wrong with this, of watching TV and then at a certain point turning the TV off and then reading.

And, I usually fall asleep very, very, very quickly. So, I was not making a lot of progress in my books, because when I started reading, I got tired really fast and fell asleep. So, instead of turning on the TV after dinner, I just read. And, I'm reading so much more. And, while I am way behind on the current shows and obsessions and movies that people talk about, I am not behind on the books that I want to read. And, that's a personal choice. So, for me, this just feels really good.

I've also noticed that I am getting more sleep, because it does make me sleepy, reading more than watching TV and having that, that light on. And so, I'm falling asleep a little bit earlier. I'm sleeping really, really well. I'm getting such good sleep these days, which my goodness, that comes and goes for me. So, I do not take it lightly when I am getting good sleep. And, it just ... I feel I grab my blanket, and I grab my, my hot water or my tea or my hot chocolate, whatever it is, and I tuck in.

And, at this point, by the way, I've already put my jammies on. I've already washed my face, done all of the things so I can really sink into it, and then when I start to feel my eyes getting heavy all I have to do is move myself into the bedroom. I've already, like I said, brushed the teeth and done all those things, and then I pick up the book and read while I'm in bed, and then fall asleep and it's glorious, and it makes me happy.

So, maybe reading is your thing, and you want to take that same slogan read more in '24, or maybe you want to insert your own thing for more in '24. What is your nudge that when you listen to this, you're like, Hmm. That's the thing that I want to do? Maybe it's more, more quality time, more puzzles, more hobbies, more writing, more more reading. Like me move more in 2024. Sleep more in 2024. We know that as we move into these, these months beyond Happy New Year, as we talked about last week of Happy New, New Year ... You can make changes just because it's not January 1st, you can make different choices and different decisions starting right now. So, what would feel good to you? What do you want more of in '24? And, you can make that little slogan and try it out this week. And, if you don't know what to do, maybe try reading.

As I always like to remind us, don't get me wrong. I love an educational book. I write educational books, but we can also read fiction without guilt. So, whatever it is that you, you enjoy, make more time for it in 2024.

As always, a huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you, Solution Tree and Marzano Resources that this is my life. And, to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad, I wish more joy, more hope, more energy, more love, more self-care and wellness for you in '24. I'm cheering so hard for you. Make it a great week.

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