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Episode 25: Eat Until Satisfied.

Description: I like big portions, and I cannot lie. But, I'm also committed to doing what helps me live my best life.

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to season three, episode 25 of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation is to eat to satisfied. Eat too satisfied. This is a habit that comes up in Precision Nutrition, which is the organization that I am certified through and work with on my ... I get coached through that organization, and it's a habit, one of our core habits that we work on a lot. And it, it came back up again this week and it's something I'm working on. And, whenever I'm working on something that feels like it's helping me live my best life. I'm always like, Ooh, I should share this with the Pod Squad. So, this is one of those strategies that I just wanna offer up to you. It's the idea of just eating until we're satisfied and stopping. Which sounds so simple, and maybe for some of you that is, but for me it is not.

I have a tendency to overeat without even thinking about it, because I am not always great at tuning into my hunger signals. So it's ... This is something I'm working on this week, which means a couple things. Number one, I have to eat without any distractions, which is a strategy that we've talked about before. And, I'll do well with it for a little while, and then, it kind of goes away as a lot of things do. So, I'm going back to eating without distraction, and it's forcing me to eat really slowly. And, I know that's really hard for us as educators, because we don't have the luxury of time oftentimes, especially at lunch, right? But, to the best of our ability, if we can slow down, I think I've always been a fast eater, because of all of the time spent in schools and as a teacher and just not having enough time. So, I have to really retrain myself there. So, number one, eating without distractions.

And number two, eating slowly forces me to check in with myself a little bit more often than I typically do, and the check-in is like, Huh, how do I feel? Am I still hungry? Do I want more? And then , like I said, this may be easy for some of you, but for me, this is really hard. And so, I'm working diligently. I'm, I'm engaging in deliberate practice on this and really trying to figure out my own personal signals for when I'm satisfied. I'm trying at the very least, to like ... What I'm ... What I'm doing in my head is kind of eating 80% of what I typically would. I like big portions, and I cannot lie. I couldn't resist . And so, oftentimes I will walk away from a meal and be like, Oh my gosh. It just ... I'm too full. Even if it's like a big old salad. I love a big fat salad and a big old bowl, and I walk away and realize, oh my gosh. Even though it's all, you know, food that really works for my body, it's still probably too much. So, the eating until satisfied is tough for me, but I think it's gonna be a real game changer in again awareness and mindfulness and being really kind to my body and to myself. Because, I know when I overeat I just don't feel very good, and it kind of elicits a whole dialogue in my head and I just ... It just is not physically how I wanna feel. So, chipping away at this has been really good.

I really love when I am able to sit down without distraction and just eat and appreciate what I'm eating and slow down and check in with myself. My digestion is better. I feel better. It's a kinder approach and everything about it is good. It's just hard. So, I offer that to you this week. So maybe, maybe it feels like too much to do every single meal, but maybe you wanna choose like dinner or lunch if you can at school, and just make that goal of not just finishing your plate, because it's there, or not eating so quickly or with so many distractions that we don't even like really taste our food. But, instead to not only revisit the habit of eating without distraction and eating slowly but to really think about stopping maybe before you typically do, and just see how that makes you feel, knowing you can always go back, right? But, if we just do the pause and see what happens. So, that's what I'm working on. And, like I said, I just thought I'd offer it up to you, as well. So, choose one meal, couple meals, one day, couple days, every meal, every day. You, you do what works for you. This week I'm trying to do every meal every day to really make this a habit. So I'm really, really conscious of it. I'm not perfect by any means, but something that I'm really working on. I hope you have a great week, you guys. I hope you have a really great week.

As always, huge, huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this job that I get to do. And, to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad, I'm cheering so hard for you. I wish we were sitting down together and eating a meal together, although I'd probably be real distracted, because I'd be excited to talk to you. And then, it'd be hard to pay attention to when I am satisfied. But, I'd love to sit across the table and have a meal with you. Have a great week you guys.

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