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Episode 28: Our Bodies Win

Description: Self-Care merch is finally here! Check out the swag at while you're taking the much deserved rest Dr. Boogren gives you full permission for.


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Transcription: Hey, bad-ass Self-Care Squad. I have really exciting news. You guys, we've got merch. We officially have merch. Here's what you're going to do. You're going to go check it out. Oh my gosh. And, it's going to make you smile. So it's a site, and I'm going to, we're going to link it everywhere so you can find it, but if you're just listening, so you know how So Again, we'll link it everywhere so you can find it, but here's the deal. You guys, we have drink the stupid water stickers. We've got LYB L stickers. We've got magnets. We've got journals. We've got t-shirts. We've got hoodies. Oh my gosh. It's so fun. I cannot wait for you to go check it out. We are just thrilled to be able to offer to you and for you, and for all the exciting things that this allows us to do for, for you, for our bad-ass Self-Care Squad and for your students, I can't wait for you to go check it out. Yay. Okay. Now onto today's episode.

Hi, and welcome to episode 28 of self-care for educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation is something we've talked about before. In fact, we talked about this in episode 17 of the second season, but I want to revisit it, and it is giving yourself permission to rest. R-E-S-T. Rest. I know many of you are on spring break or you just had spring break or you're looking forward to spring break. And, I think this is the time where we need to give ourselves permission to rest. I've had a couple of folk posts over in the Facebook group where I've asked people just kind of different prompts about what they're looking forward to or what they need right now, things along those lines. And, I get a lot of, I need to give myself permission to rest or asking me to grant permission to read. P.S. I don't have any magical powers, but sometimes it's nice to hear from someone else to rest.

I don't know if you can hear it in my voice, man. I have been hit with the illnesses. So. very recently I had kind of the non-COVID cold, and I am coming out of, oh gosh, a couple really rough days of what I'm attributing to food poisoning. I don't think it was a stomach flu, but I think it was food poisoning, but I'm on the mend, but again, forced rest. It's just nothing that I could do. And, that reminder that our bodies always win. Take a minute and just think about that. Our bodies always win, and your body is going to tell you that it needs to rest when it needs to rest. And, I want us to get a little bit better at listening for that. You know, what I, what I talked about in episode 17 was this idea of our daily rest. I shared Gretchen Rubin's challenge or invitation for 2022 of 22 minutes a day of rest, which I think is still something that we need to be thinking about and working on or working towards.

But today, when I talk about rest, it's kind of like the capital R rest. The idea that it is perfectly fine to just tap out for a little while. And, I think that that's one of the main perks or advantages or goals if you will, of spring break is it's a little bit of time--I hope--to rest. And, I know that's not going to work for everyone. And I know, some of us have adventures plan for spring break, which is fantastic. Some of you don't have spring break, oh my gosh, for whatever reason. So I know, I know it's all hard, and we've got a wide array of listeners here, but in a general sense, as we think about moving into spring--happy first week of full, official week of spring by the way--I want you to think about the idea of ... As we move into this last quarter of the school year or last part of the school year, it's hard. We know there's just a lot of challenges as spring comes into play and behaviors start to, woof, intensify if you will.

We've got this stretch between spring break and the end of the year. State testing comes about ... Just giving yourself permission to rest. I think that this is true. Especially to think about for those of you like me that really enjoy exercise, and we utilize exercise as a way to kind of help with our mental and emotional wellness and our physical wellness. It can be hard to take rest days. A lot of well, I'll just speak for myself ... As kind of driven personalities or type A if you will ... I mean, I'm a full blown Enneagram three. It can be hard for me to rest. And so, sometimes it takes my body's shutting down for me to give myself that permission to rest. And, I don't want us to wait until we reach this place till we get food poisoning or the cold or the fever or the just total exhaustion where. But, if it does happen to allow ourselves to take that break, to recognize that our bodies always win and that giving ourselves permission to slow down is a good thing. That idea of when we really listen to our bodies and remind ourselves that we can't go a hundred percent all the time that in fact to show up better for our families, for ourselves, for our students requires us to rest, to really rest.

And so, that's the invitation for this week. How can you truly rest? Okay. Really let go. And, what does that look like for you? What does capital R rest mean for you? For me, it was literally sending the emails that said, I am sick, and I'm not able to do this meeting today. Can we reschedule this? Kind of pushing some things off that needed to be done so that then I could close my eyes and just let my body rest and heal. I allowed my husband to take care of me, do some things to help out. I had to reschedule some things. It just, it's always so hard as an adult. When it, when we need to rest, we have to do some things to allow ourselves to do it. But then today--and I recovered, I'm on the upswing today--feels like a much better day, and I know that my body needed that.

And, I'm not jumping back in with both feet as I kind of move out of the fog of the last few days. I'm easing back into today. I am going to take it slow and not feel guilty for not going back just hard to all the things that I was doing before. And, that feels pretty good. And, it kind of feels revolutionary for me. And, I know some of you will relate to that. So, as you think about rest, I'd love for you to jump on over into that Facebook group as always, and just kind of share what does rest mean to you. How did you learn when you need to rest? Like when does the body always let you know when it needs to rest? What are your signs? Is it always just when you get physically ill or are there other signs that you pay attention to and how do you allow yourself to rest without guilt? What does that look like for you? I would just, I love when we jump over there and share. Thank you.

As always, a huge, huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this job I get to do. And, thank you to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. I am so grateful for you. You deserve, deserve to rest this week.

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