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Episode 3: Create Your 23-24 Playlist.

Description: What's better than having music that perfectly uplifts your vibe? This week, the Squad carefully curates their tunes.

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode three of season four of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation is to create your brand spanking new emergency playlist for the new school year. You might call it your 911 playlist for 2023-2024, whatever you wanna call it. And, I just want you to start a brand new playlist. Like many of you, I have lots of playlists, and there's something about starting one from scratch that feels so good. So, as you think about how you want to feel this year, what maybe you want to listen to on your walks, those are the invitations from the past two weeks.

What can you add to your playlist that's gonna feel so good as you move into this new school year? You might start out with thinking about, okay, what's your walkup song? For the year or maybe for the week. What are songs that you know that when you hear them, they put you in a good mood? Maybe you spend a little time asking your colleagues and your family and your friends, and maybe some of your students what their favorite songs are as you get ideas. And, maybe you commit to just adding one or two songs a day so that by the end of the week you've got yourself a nice little playlist started. Of course, you can keep adding to that as the year goes on, or as you hear new songs or add to songs, and even if you're pulling music from other playlists, no big deal. But, I want this to be a fresh start, a playlist that's going to embody how you want to feel this school year maybe.

I know I've had conversations with some of you that our morning playlist is a little bit different than our afternoon playlist, so you might even divide it up that way of like kind of pump up songs in the morning and then, I don't know, maybe calmer, a little slower songs in the afternoon of. As always, there's no right or wrong way to do this. I just ... As we get the new school year started and as you're catching your breath, and I know it's, it's crazy hard as we move into September and things really get underway and the pace seems relentless and you feel like, Oh my gosh, I miss summer already. Music, as we know, can be a really powerful way to reduce anxiety, to change our mood, to regulate our heartbeat if we want to get really specific. Thinking about beats per minute, it's just a lot of research behind how this can be a really simple strategy that can help us feel really good.

And, maybe this, maybe this shows my age, but this makes me think of creating mix tapes back in the day where you had the actual tape recorder, and you would try to record the songs off of the TV or the radio. Thank goodness technology has improved in this way, so it doesn't have to be like that. But, there was something really fun about creating this thing. It feels really creative to me. I get such joy and pleasure about out of creating new playlists. I've got one of my good friends, she makes different playlists for each season. So, she has like a fall, a summer, a winter, and a spring playlist. And, what she does is the ... She's always ... So, she's listening to one playlist and creating her playlist for the next season. And, she won't start playing that playlist until, you know, whatever that official start date is of the next season. But, so while she's listening to one, she's thinking ahead and dropping songs into the next season's playlist. And, I love that.

I love when people share a playlist. So, maybe you collaborate. Maybe you and your teammates sit down and everyone kind of submit five songs that appeal to them in this new school year, and you create a playlist together or a school-wide playlist. I mean, a gazillion ways to think about it. But, that's, that's it. That's what I want you to think about. This week, I want you to create your 2023-2024 school year playlist. Oh, I love, I love thinking about all of us pulling these amazing songs together and knowing everyone has such different taste in music and likes and what gets them going or not. I just, I love that. I love the thought of us all in our own places, creating our own playlists. Yay! As what I'll do is I will link ... I've shared with many of you the playlist that I use during workshops. It's what I have planned during breaks and when people are coming in.

And, so if this feels too overwhelming to create your own playlist, maybe you just wanna start with mine? It's got over 12 hours of music, so hopefully it's got some stuff in there that you like and that will be enough to get you started or just create your own. Awesome. Oh, enjoy. You guys have fun. Think of a really great name for it and really sink into this. Love it.

As always, Brooke, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources. I still can't believe that I get to do this job every day, and as always, a huge thank you to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. Go create the playlist to beat all playlists, and then utilize it as you get yourself going this week. I'm cheering so stinking hard for you. Have an amazing week.

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