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Episode 35: Are You Game Day Ready?

Description: This week, we're warming up, putting our game faces on, and charging into the end of the school year.


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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode 35 of season two of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. Before we jump into this week's episode, I'm going to remind you about our amazing merch. We've got links all over the place, and maybe, maybe you've just needed the nudge to get in there and treat yourself to a t-shirt, tote bag or a hoodie or, oh my gosh. There's notebooks stickers, which are my favorite. Of course, all sorts of goodies. You guys treat yourself, you have, gosh, you deserve it. You deserve it just for being you, but you deserve it for this incredible school year that you have. Stuck with it and done amazing work. So, jump on over there. Treat yourself. Know that, oh my gosh, not only, not only are you treating yourself, but you are helping us to support one of the main missions of the organization that we work with, which is to lift up and highlight Donors Choose, which is one of those incredible, incredible organizations that we love. So, treat yourself.

Now, under this week's episode. This week's episode is kind of a follow-up to last week's episode. I'll remind you. Last week, we talked about the primacy-recency effect, which is the notion that we tend to remember the beginning of things and the end of things. And oftentimes, that middle part is messy and forgetful. And, as we move into the end of the school year, right? The recency part? I encourage us to remember. Be thoughtful about ... careful about these last few weeks, because this is what we're going to remember. This is what students are going to remember. And so, this week I want to take it even one step further. And, I want us to think about the idea of getting yourself to a place where you are game day ready. Here's what ...

I recently ... My husband and I were able to go to the Nuggets-Warriors game, basketball NBA game. And, it was awesome. It was one of the playoff games. And, we got there early because my husband is a huge Steph Curry fan, and I am too. And, we wanted to go watch him warm up and watch the players warm up. And, as we were sitting there watching this oh my gosh, it was amazing. And, I was thinking about their ritual to get themselves game day ready. Right? So, they were out there having fun and, or very serious. They, some had headphones on somewhere talking with other players. Some were not talking with other players. They obviously were practicing, moving around, and getting their body loose. Right? There was blasting music. And then, up on the jumbotron, they were sharing some of the playlists of the players, which, you know, that made me so happy. And, I thought about this ritual, this game day ritual, and I think we need a ritual. We already have one, I know. And, we've talked about morning routines, and you have some sort of ... Something that you do to get yourselves ready, but I think we need to like up our game as we start thinking ahead towards the end of the school year.

Now I know the end of the school year is, is not the same for everyone. Some of you are getting darn close to being done. And, some of you're like, Tina, we're not there yet. We still have most of June. So, I know. Take this and adjust this accordingly, but it's the idea of, I want us to up our game in terms of how we get ready for the day. You're tired--rightfully so. You are tired. So, what does this, what is this going to look like for you? Is it adding a few new songs to your playlist? I, you know, I love my playlist, but I get real tired of my playlist. So, a lot of times I need to get rejuvenated by adding a few new songs digging into and finding some new songs. I'll start asking people like what's a song that's making you happy lately? And, adding that to my playlist, or maybe you need a brand new playlist. Maybe you want to set your alarm for about five minutes earlier than you have been so that you can use that time to get yourself game day ready. That could mean a dance party. That could mean some quiet time. Right? Think about it. It was fascinating to watch the players cause you could tell they all have their own individual routine, just like we do.

So figuring out what's going to work for you. Maybe you need some quiet time. Maybe you want to start a new ritual with your own family in the morning. Maybe you're going to start implementing a three minute dance party in the kitchen before everyone heads off to work or to school, maybe you're going to take a different route to school, just to shake up your brain and get out of the rut. Maybe you're going to treat yourself. You're going to get up a little early and allow yourself at least once a week to stop and grab your favorite coffee or morning beverage. Like maybe that's your, your Monday thing or your hump day thing or your Friday thing. I don't know. Just think about like, What could you do to really, really get yourself game day ready? As we think about creating this legacy that we want to leave this year. These are these last few weeks that we're all going to hold on to and remember. And, how do you want to remember, how do you want to remember the end of the school year? Because, that's what will get stuck in your brain and, and what do you hope that that looks like?

Do you want to look back and say, Oh man, God, I really kicked it up the last few weeks of that school year. Awesome. We had so much fun. We engaged in a really cool project. At the end of the year, students were totally into it. They found that sense of flow. We had dance parties together. The whole staff just really came together to create this culture and climate of gosh, not only did we survive this year, but we were able to thrive that we had a real sense of celebration, not, not this doomsday. We lost so much, but instead now, look at all of the things that we were able to do this year. Like that pride feeling. I want us to really dig into that. So, this week I want you to really think about and start implementing your game day plan your teaching day ready plan. Right? Our, our big game, our playoff game is this last season of the school year. And, how do we want to show up for that? Oh man, I get excited. Just thinking about how you guys are going to start showing up even to the very next level. Oh my gosh. And these last kind of final weeks of school, it's going to be amazing. You are amazing.

Thank you so much to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Marzano Resources and Solution Tree for, oh, just helping to support this mission. Oh to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. I am so honored to be on the team with you. And, when I think about being game day ready, I think about being game day ready with all of you. And, I feel such pride and such gratitude to be a part of this bad-ass Self-Care Squad. You are amazing.

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