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Episode 5: The Last 90 Days

Description: How are we in the last 90 days of 2022 already? This week, Dr. Boogren challenges the Squad to some reflection.

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode five of our third season of Self-Care for Educators. I'm your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation might be a little bit of a shock. It kind of was for me. I recently had that A-Ha moment as I kind of flipped the calendar page and thought about October and the realization that when this podcast comes out on the second, we will be at the 90 day mark, meaning 90 days left of 2022, which is like mind blowing to me. And maybe, it makes me sound like a real old person, and I am, and that's okay, but like ... The year just goes faster and faster. I feel like we literally just started this year, and I know we still have three months left, but it's like if you stand on your tip toes, you can see ... You can see 2023, which means now is a really good time to hit pause and think about how do you want to feel on January 1st, 2023? And, what can you do in these next 90 days to set yourself up for that? And, this could be a time where you need to like turn down your dial on some things. I'm gonna remind you of BAMs, right? Our Bare *** Minimums. Think about what are those core essential pieces that you wanna keep in place as we think about these next 90 days?

There's a lot of challenge in these 90 days. So, this is typically the disillusionment phase of the school year. I'm actually gonna talk more about that next week. This is where we move into the holiday season, right? It's already starting. I just saw something on Instagram that someone has already spotted some Christmas decorations at Target already, like I'm recording this in September. So, we're moving into the holiday season, and that comes with a lot of celebrations. But, a lot of hardships. We've got Halloween moving into Thanksgiving, moving into the winter holidays. I know we celebrate a lot of different things when it comes to those winter holidays, including Christmas, including all the celebrations and things that we need to do at school and things in your own personal life. And, I know the holidays can be really hard. . There's a lot of emotions that come with this, a lot of expectations. It's just, it can be really challenging, and so that to me is why it's even more important for us to pause right now at the start of this to think about what can we do to keep ourselves on solid ground.

What I mean by turning down the dial is like ... Okay, maybe as things get hectic, you can't keep up with the same workout routine that you've had, and that is okay, but what is gonna be your BAM, your bare ass minimum that you're going to do? Maybe you're thinking about other areas in our physical health, and you're gonna decide in your head, like, how do you wanna approach all the food? Right? Do you wanna just flat out enjoy all the things? Instead do, do you wanna find a little bit of balance of like, I'm gonna enjoy these things, but I also wanna make sure that I'm eating my vegetables, and I'm drinking the stupid water. Because, if I have too many of the treats, I know I feel awful. Maybe it's sleep. Maybe it's doubling down on committing to making sure that you are getting enough sleep. Maybe it's taking a hard look at the traditions that you have when it comes to the holidays and deciding what do you wanna continue. And, can you let go of anything? Do you feel just totally overwhelmed moving into this season where it's like, okay what are some things that might not happen this year?

Maybe it's holiday cards. Maybe it's not. For some of you, you just had a panic moment, like, that's your thing. Keep doing it. Fantastic. But maybe it's like, do we need to do that every year or can we do, can we make it release? Simple. I don't know, it's gonna look different for everyone, but I just want you to think about like kind of what are your goals for the next 90 days? My plan is to sit down and think about like my top five daily actions. Maybe it's your top three daily actions, but off the top of my head, what I know is going to be committing to getting enough sleep, moving my body, not setting myself up for some crazy fitness goal, because I know that these months are challenging. I just wanna move my body . I really wanna commit to doing that. Every day. So, sometimes that's gonna be like a formal workout. Sometimes it's just a walk around the block. I just wanna be intentional about tuning into my body and moving my body. For me, I'm gonna really think about food and choices that I'm making of like how ...

What are the treats and the days that I'm gonna totally indulge and enjoy it, but I also don't wanna totally lose control, because for me, if I just enjoy every single treat that comes my way, I will feel awful starting on January 1st, 2023. So, I'm gonna give some thought to that. I also wanna really lean into gratitude. I know that when the months get hard, In terms of work and for me, my travel schedule and all the things that when I remind myself to really keep my gratitude practice going and actually up the ante, even do more things to increase the gratitude, I feel better. I also wanna make sure that I'm really connecting with my family, with my friends. For me, I feel really fortunate I get my vacation time in these months. I don't get the vacation time in the, in the summer at all. That's my busiest month. So, I have some vacations to look forward to, and I wanna lean into them.

As you think about the time that you get off for Thanksgiving and for winter break, like how do you wanna spend that time? How do you want to schedule it or not schedule it? There's just a lot to think about. So, the last 90 days, how do you want to spend your last 90 days? I always like to spin that question into how do you want to feel in these last 90 so that you guarantee a specific outcome to the best of your ability as we start the New Year? Guarantee. I just said it felt a little strong. We're not gonna guarantee anything. We're gonna move through these 90 days with grace but an awareness. Right? Building that awareness around, as we think about kicking off the new year, are there any goals that you set in 2022, like January 1st, 2022? Did you make a list? Did you set any goals? Where now is the time to revisit those and make 'em happen or cross them off if they weren't working for you? I just want you this week to spend a little time setting yourself up for these last 90 days.

And as always, I would love if you jump over in that Facebook group and just kind of share. We learn so much from each other and you guys always have amazing ideas. Like when you think about the last 90 days of 2022, what does that mean for you? What does that spark for you? If it sparks a moment of panic, how can we resist that and how can we again, turn that dial down and think about our ... What do we need to feel good as we move into this last season, if you will, these last three months of 2022? Oh, I can't wait to hear.

As always, thank you so much to Brooke for making this happen. A huge shout out to Marzano Resources and Solution Tree for this job I get to do. And to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad. Let's support each other, and hold each other up, and hold space for one another, and celebrate, and cheer each other on as we move through these last 90 days. We've got this.

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