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Episode 51: Create Your Summer Bucket List.

Description: Let's slip into our summer brains and think about all the things we really want to accomplish in the upcoming months.

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The Self-Care for Educators team cares about the content-accessibility for all educators. If you have trouble accessing the audio for the podcast, the transcription has been provided below.

Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode 51 of Self-Care for Educators. I am your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation is to create your summer bucket list. You know I'm a fan of lists, right? We've done ... We've done the 20 for ... 21 for 2021 list. I, I just, I love ... I love ta-da lists. I love a good list. And, I think we talked about this last year, almost a year ago of creating a summer bucket list, and it's worth revisiting because this summer it looks a whole lot different than last summer. Yay. In so many ways, right? This idea of sitting down as a family or on your own or both and creating your summer bucket list feels so good.

And, it helps us be intentional with our time. We've talked about that before too, right? Setting an intention just helps us move through our day or the season with purpose so that we don't start the next school year and think, Oh my God, where did the time go? It helps us really think about what is important to us that we want to make sure we devote time to. The days can get so busy so quickly and time goes so fast. Fast and summer... At the start of summer, it feels like it stretches on forever. And, the reality is it just doesn't; we just blank. Right? And all of a sudden we're back in school.

There's no better feeling than the start of summer, too. I know when I was in the classroom, July 4th, always kind of signaled ... My brain started making that switch from summer brain to school brain, where I started thinking about the next year. So, this precious little time between now and July 4th, and that might not be the case for you ... Hopefully your, your summer brain can hold on a little bit longer, but yeah. Everyone's got a different calendar, but allow, allow your summer brain to really sink in.

And, what I mean by summer brain, summer brain is where we're just ... My husband would say where I'm just a little dingy, right? Summer brain. It's the best. I'm just not firing with all cylinders. I'm just more relaxed. And. Kind of easygoing, but I miss some things and that's okay. That is the beauty of summer brain. We kind of forget how things work. Oh, it's such a gift. Right? And, since we have summer brain, right, and we kind of forget things, it's important, I think, for us to create that summer bucket list.

So, whether that is places you want to go, things you want to do, chores around your house you want to accomplish, meals you want to have. Oh my gosh, the list goes on and on and on. Oh, just thinking about what is it that you want to do this summer? Or, you could do it this way. How do you want to feel this summer? How do you want to feel? And, what's going to allow you to feel that way? Oh, I love that. So, the idea for me ... I have this mix this year of travel and virtual workshops. And, one of the things that's really important to me is to feel grounded and to feel calm, to feel rested, to feel healthy.

And so, I've got some, the things in place. I've already blacked off an entire week in July for a vacation up to the mountains with my husband, which I don't normally do. I usually pull out through summer as my busiest time, but I've given myself that gift I talked about last week. The rituals that I have in place, and then continuing to kind of add those, being real careful with my calendar and marking off what are the festivals that I want to go to on the weekend. If I have a random day in the middle of the week that I don't have have a workshop or a phone call scheduled, just kind of boom, holding that blocking mat, holding some boundaries around that as a, just kind of a gift of a day that I can go on an adventure or a date day with my husband or see my family, just holding that, that sacred time. I've made a list of, of the things that I want us to do this summer. There's like festivals, there's some concerts. I want to go to at least one film on the rocks. So, at Red Rocks, They show movies at the outdoor amphitheater, which is pretty incredible. I want to do a yoga class outside. I have a mileage goal. I'm still working on my 2,021 miles in 2021. There's a whole lot of bike rides that my husband and I want to take. There's some hikes that we want to do. So, it's just this incredible list. There's restaurants we want to go to. It just makes me so excited thinking about it and that's, that's the whole point, right? Having that summer bucket list should feel good.

Resist the urge to have a summer bucket list that's just all the chores that need to get done. 'Cause yes, I need to kind of clean out my desk and our garage could use a clean-out You can add those things to your list for sure, but I want to make sure that, that your entire list isn't just filled with those yucky to-do's that you want to get done. I know we got to put on our list, making the doctor's appoint and doing, doing the stuff. Right? But, don't fill your entire list with, with that. Find a little bit of balance and things that you're really looking forward to.

Again, this is so fun to do on your own. It's so great to do as a family, maybe each member of your family gets to bring one or two items to the summer bucket list that you do together. Maybe it's games you want to play, movies that you want to watch, books that you want to read, TV shows that you want to get into, parks that you want to visit, baseball games that you want to go to, foods you want to eat at the ballpark on and on and on. So, that's it. That's what I want you to do. I want you to create your summer bucket list. I want you to enjoy, and as always, I'm going to beg you to share at least a couple of your items over on the facebook group would be so fantastic. And, just in case you haven't found us over on the Facebook group, oh, please find us. This is, this is where the bad-ass Self-Care Squad lives. We're easy to find, just search for self-care for educators. You can go straight to the link by doing all one word.

And, we'd love to have you and welcome you. Also you guys over on that Facebook group, feel free to jot down any questions that you have that you want me to address for the podcast. If you've got episode suggestions, I am open to feedback as always.

As always, a huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Marzano Resources and Solution Tree for this job I get to do. And, as always, thank you to you. My bad-ass Self-Care Squad. Oh, I cannot wait to hear what's going on your summer bucket list.

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