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Episode 8: Celebrate Yourself.

Description: Reach your esteem needs with some self-reflection through this week's unique initiative.


1. Review listener episode two from season one, Overcoming Teacher Guilt, below:

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode eight, season two of Self-Care for Educators. I am your host, Tina Boogren. This week's invitation is to celebrate yourself. Celebrate yourself. Oh, I think it's time for a celebration. It's hard. This year is so hard. This time of year is so hard. We're hanging on by a string. And, at this point, we're a few weeks removed from Self-Care September. And so, maybe we've kind of gotten complacent in the celebrations of being really thoughtful about how we're living our best lives. And so, this week, I just want you to celebrate yourself, whatever that looks like. Here's what I'm going to suggest you start.

I want you to spend five minutes, gosh, ideally I would say every day, but at least a couple times this week where you write down all the things that you like about yourself. Nope. I know some of you were just like, Nope. You wanted to turn me off. Nope. Please. Listen. I really want you to do this. It feels really uncomfortable I know, but this is so important. I just, I wish you could see yourself via other people's eyes, right? The gift of how I see you. I mean, many of you, I know, but there's a lot of listeners on here that I don't know. And yet, I mean, like I feel connected and have this deep admiration, gratitude, and honestly love for every single one of you.

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. And so, I want to play around with this idea. Open up your journal, or open up a Word doc, or get a new memo on your phone, something ... Or, you can do it even audibly. And again, I just, I want you to take five minutes. Maybe you literally set a timer for five minutes, and I want you to just start writing down as many things as you possibly can, that you like about yourself.

This can be physical things. This can be how you show up for others. This can be in relation to your ... It can be in relation to your family. I mean, there's no right or wrong here. Just what do you like about yourself? Our brain, our tricky brain is so quick to point out all the things that we don't like about ourselves. So, let's stop. This would fall under the idea of self-compassion and esteem, right? Level four of Maslow's hierarchy, being really careful with the way we talk about ourselves to ourselves. If we are saying things to ourselves that we would never say to someone that we love, let's stop doing that. Let's love ourselves and start by celebrating ourselves. Maybe, maybe you think of this as a Ta-Da list. We talked about Ta-Da lists in season one. And so, look at all the things that I can celebrate about myself and just, just write a list. Start a list.

I really, I truly, I would love for you to try to do this every day. If that feels like too much, at least one time this week, I want you to do that. Put it in writing. There's something so powerful about writing. I am a journaler; I think many of you know, and so I'm going to ... I'm going to commit to doing this with you this week in my journal. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take time ... I do my journaling in the morning and celebrate myself. And, I really, I just, I want you to play around with that idea of celebrating yourself this week.

As caretakers and as educators, we're so good at celebrating others. And, this week, I want you to pause and allow yourself to celebrate you, how amazing you are. There's so much to celebrate. Let me just nudge you towards a few things. So, you know, what's really amazing about you? It's the work that you do, what you bring to your students, to your colleagues, to your patients. I know I've got a lot of nurses on here, as well. How you show up for your family? You've got an amazing smile. Your eyes are gorgeous. Oh, you are kind hearted. You are loving. You're so stinking funny. You can make the whole room laugh. In fact, you light up a room when you walk into a room. People admire you and look up to you. People are grateful for the energy that you bring. You really know how to dance. You're an amazing dancer. You create a kick-ass playlist. Does that help get you started?

Oh, keep going. Take those ideas. Jot them down. Own those. Own those yourself. And then, keep going. You know, if you get stuck, maybe ask the people that are the closest to you to help give you some ideas, ask them what is it about ... What is it about me that you like, and then take off from there. But, don't just rely on other people here. I want you to celebrate yourself. You know, you're amazing. Don't hold back, write it down and see if by doing this, you get a little extra pep in your step this week, that when you see yourself in the mirror, that rather than that nasty voice, that sometimes crops up that we start to change the script and we start to say, Oh, that person is amazing. I'm so glad I spend so much time with myself, right? That is the invitation for this week. Celebrate. Because I'm going to celebrate you, because you are amazing and I'm grateful for you. And I'm so, so glad that you are a part of this squad.

I'm also so grateful to Brooke for making this happen. And, so grateful to be associated with Solution Tree and Marzano Resources who are such big supporters of us and this vision and this idea of taking care of the adults. Have an amazing week.

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