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Episode 5: Basking in the Beauty of Self-Care September

Description: This week, we explore some of the ways the Squad has been celebrating Self-Care September. To be a part of the conversation, visit today!


1. Explore Magic Mind for yourself today. Use promo code SelfCare20 for 20% off.

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Transcription: Hi, and welcome to episode five of season two of Self-Care for Educators. I am so, so glad you're here. I am your host, Tina Boogren. This week, we're going to deep dive into the goodness that has been happening over on the Facebook page. You guys, if you are not part of the squad, I'm begging you jump over to find self care for educators on Facebook.

This incredible bad-ass Self-Care Squad has just blown my mind for the month of September. So, I'm going to tell you more in a second, but I also want to pause and let's just say this right now. I recognize that a lot of us are struggling. I want you to know, I see you. Oh, I get it. And, I'm sending you so much ...

Nearly every single workshop participant that I've been with over the last few weeks, I've I blatantly asked the question of what, what phase or phases are you in in terms of those, those phases Elmore talks about in terms of the school year? And, almost every single person, every single person has listed either surviving or disillusionment or a lovely combination of both. And so, I know things are hard. And, here's what else I know when we are struggling in survival and disillusion. Some of our healthy habits go right out the window. So, I want us to kind of double down on those and I know, listen, I'm guilty, as well.

I've got stress over here too, when things are busy, things are crazy. It's a hard time of year trying to get one gazillion things done. I'm grateful for all of it, but just feeling, feeling pretty overwhelmed at times. And, I know you guys can relate. And so, I'm sitting here recording this, and I'm looking at ...

I've got this little, teeny, tiny, cute--it's pretty cute--little bottle sitting next to me. It's called Magic Mind. And so, it's been something that I've been incorporating into my own morning routine. It's this little drink that I take alongside my coffee, that I'm actually noticing a difference. So, I'm going to mention more about that, as well. As we move on, I'm just going to give you a little teaser for that.

So, as I said, this week, what I want to do is kind of take a deep dive into, into the theme of Self-Care September over on the Facebook page. To get everyone up to speed. What's been happening over there is, every single day I have been posing one very simple question in the morning. How are you living your best life? And, oh my goodness. The responses have been incredible.

Here's what I love about the responses. They're teeny tiny, some big things. Don't get me wrong, but a lot of teeny, tiny, little things that you are doing ... to create lives that we don't need to escape from, which is our entire goal. Right? I know that tagline, LYBL--live your best lifed--oftentimes gets associated with vacations and Margarita's, and I'm here for all of that.

But, the truth of the matter, we've got to figure out how to live our best lives every day. Because, if we just wait for vacation, oh, that's too few and far between. We can't just live our best lives on vacation. So, the goal of asking that question is to help remind us that there are some things that we can do to bring our best lives, to work with us even on days that are hard. It might not feel like the entire day is living our best life, but when we find these moments of magic, what a gift that is. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to just remind you or share with you if this is new, some of the responses that showed up during this incredible month on the Facebook page, as a way to inspire all of us to continue.

I don't want this to stop at the end of September. In fact, I think it's crucial that we carry this idea, this mission of living our best lives through the rest of 2021. As we think ahead, in fact, a little teaser for the podcast next week, starting October 1st there's 90 days. 90 days left of 2021. And so, what I want us to think about your invitation for this week is to continue to, or to recommit, to bringing your best self, to work each day, by finding those moments where you're living your very best life.

So, here's some ideas I'm just going to share. These are amazing things that I've been reading. So, here's some ways that we've been living our best lives this month. So, we've got dinner in the crockpot; the whole house smells. It smells so yummy. Many of you made commitments and set boundaries around leaving work on time. So many of us went for walks. Oh, you know, I love a good walk. We spent time with animals. We spend time with friends. We cheered on kids and all sorts of games. We appreciated the weather. We took pictures of rainbows and clouds and skies. We got on exercise equipment. Fellow Peloton, people got on bikes and treads, and we spent time with our family without thinking about work, where we were truly committed to one another. Some of us did some journaling. We did some intention setting. We did meditation's, we've listened to podcasts. We ate the stupid salad and drank the dumb water. We remembered that it was a privilege to get to move our bodies. We attended conferences and we put a little extra coffee creamer in our coffee, which I love. We thought about how we are going to reduce stress and let things go. You did so much reframing those mornings where we overslept. We shifted our thinking to think what a gift it was that we gave our bodies a little bit more rest. We showed them grace. We made things like apple crisps and dinner and cookies. Oh, so much incredible baking and cooking, which I'm just absolutely impressed with as someone who doesn't do that. We went swimming, we read, we took bubble baths. We shared strategies. We left work at work. We got manicures and pedicures and we watched some shows. We watched Hallmark and Ted Lasso and all the good stuff. We went to the library, we got books.

On and on and on, as you think about this, and that's just a sampling and you guys. Go back to that Facebook page and just browse through the post who I dare you to not be inspired. And so, that's it. That's your invitation. I want you to think about how you can continue to live your best life. Maybe in some new ways, maybe something that I just shared here. If you go back in the page, inspires you to continue to do something or to try something new.

So earlier in the show, I mentioned that I had this cute little drink sitting next to me. I wish you could see it. I want to talk about it. So, here's the deal. This drink is called Magic Mind, and I have been drinking this for, oh my gosh. almost two weeks now. And, I am absolutely noticing a difference. So, first of all, it's green, which makes me feel really good, because it feels really healthy. And the reality is, you guys, please know I would never share anything on this podcast that I haven't tried myself, and that I don't believe in and know that I've done my research on to know that it is healthy.

So, really this is a drink that either replaces or goes alongside your morning coffee. So, for me, it goes alongside my morning coffee, because I'm not giving up my coffee. Here's what I love about it. It is made with all natural, healthy alternatives to our normal kind of pick me up. So, it's got things in it like matcha, mushrooms, turmeric, honey. And, it is the idea behind it is that it's, it's a productivity drink. It helps us with our focus. It reenergizes us. It's really to give us a really incredible alternative to coffee or caffeine so that we don't have those jitters, which I can't stand that. Right?

So, it really, it helps us focus. It brings down the stress levels. It just feels like we're putting good stuff in our body, especially first thing in the morning. And so, I have, I've been utilizing ... I did my research on it, as I said, I feel really good.

And so, because of that, we have decided to try a partnership with Magic Mind, and they absolutely love the Self-Care Squad, and they want to be a part of the Self-Care Squad. And so, I've got a special deal for you. If you go to And, of course we will link this in the notes, but let me say it for you one more time. If you go to., and use the promo code selfcare20, that's promo code selfcare20. Altogether. One word. What's going to happen is you will get 20% off your order.

If you want to try this as well--and if you do try it, you guys, please let us know. Because we're, we're testing this out to see if this is for our squad. So, let me know if you love it as much as I do. And, if this partnerships works ... This is kind of a first. We're dipping our toe in to see how this works. We will continue to reach out to other companies and see if we can just kind of share goodness of other things that we think that you will love.

And as I said, I'm not ever going to recommend something. I don't believe in my. So, our ultimate goal remember is to help you live lies that you don't need to escape from. So, any tools that we can find to help support that mission, let's dig in. So you guys, here's your invitation reminder. I want you to go live your best lives this week. Report back. Keep going, jump back in.

As always, a huge thank you to Brooke for making this happen. Thank you to Solution Tree and Marzano Resources for this job I get to do. And, to you, my bad-ass Self-Care Squad.

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